Overview of Will Contests in Probate Proceedings

Your will is the cornerstone of your estate plan and, though there are other components, this document is one of the most important ways to protect your legacy at death. You are able to take advantage of a wide array of benefits when preparing a will, but the overall plus is that you save time […]

Electronic Wills and Powers of Attorney: The Future of Estate Planning

At a time when it seems everything is going electronic, virtual, or both, it may not come as a surprise that the phenomenon has carried over into the area of estate planning. Just a few years back, it would not even be possible to create an electronic will, powers of attorney, or advance directives. However, […]

Estate of Chadwick Boseman: Avoid Intestacy and Uncertainty With a Will 

Fans, fellow actors, and countless others in the entertainment world were deeply saddened when the talented Chadwick Boseman passed away from colon cancer in 2020 at just 43 years old. According to an NBC News report, many were shocked by his death because he had hidden his condition from the public while fighting the cancer […]

Four Things to Know About Supported Decision Making Agreements 

For many people with developmental disabilities, the elderly, and individuals with cognitive disorders, the only option for managing everyday life is guardianship. Through this legal process, the court appoints someone to handle the financial and personal affairs for someone who is unable to make responsible decisions in these areas. According to AARP estimates, there are […]

What Assets Do Not Go Through Probate When a Person Dies? 

Whether you are dealing with the final affairs of someone who recently passed or are considering estate planning options, you will need to understand the basics of probate. The definition of probate, also called estate administration, is the process by which a person’s final affairs are legally wrapped up after his or her death. Probate […]

Three Reasons to Consider an Irrevocable Trust in Florida Estate Planning 

The terminology itself is useful for understanding irrevocable trusts, but it is also helpful to appreciate a few details. These structures still involve the same parties under Florida laws governing trusts, including the grantor who creates it, the trustee who handles management, and beneficiaries who receive distributions. However, the definition of an irrevocable trust means […]

Estate Planning for Women and Retirement  

Beyonce said it best when she told us  “Girls run the world.” This statement is true in many ways! Research shows that women are earning more than ever before, heading households, and are living longer with an estimated life expectancy of 81. So, how should women prudently plan as you prepare for retirement?   Imagine you […]

Do You Anticipate Providing Care for an Elderly Loved One? 

Caring for parents or other elderly loved ones can be a very rewarding experience, but there are also challenges and factors to consider if you find yourself in such a position. As Baby Boomers grow older, more people will be facing these choices. US Census Bureau figures indicate that the population of individuals aged 65 […]

Do NOT Forget Digital Assets When Exploring Estate Planning Options 

One of the most effective ways to plan for the future, protect your legacy, and ease legal hassles for loved ones is to create an estate plan. There are numerous options available to state your intentions during your lifetime if you become incapacitated, while others enable you to distribute your belongings upon death. However, even […]

Types of Litigation in Estate Administration 

When a person passes away, there are multiple tasks that must be completed for wrapping up their final affairs. The legal term for this process is estate administration, and it incorporates managing assets, addressing liabilities, distributing items to heirs or beneficiaries, and other matters that arise after death. Regardless of whether the decedent had a […]